In a disturbing development at Creston’s Kootenay River Secondary School, Mr. Kianuko (Ki) Wayne Louie, a teacher, has been arrested and charged with sexual offences against two students. This incident unfolds against the backdrop of heightened controversy surrounding British Columbia’s SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) program and ongoing protests related to grooming concerns.


The RCMP statement on Monday detailed charges against Louie, including sexual exploitation, sexual assault, criminal harassment, extortion, telecommunications to lure a child under 18, and possessing child pornography. Allegedly, these offenses occurred during his tenure at the school from October 2022 to June 2023.

Although currently out on bail, Louie faces strict conditions, including no contact with the victims and restrictions from entering public parks or school grounds.

Creston Detachment Commander Staff Sgt. Brandon Buliziuk called for community cooperation, recognizing the potential impact on the community. He urged those with information to come forward and stressed the importance of support for those affected.

Scheduled for Sept. 28, Louie’s next court appearance adds another layer to an already complex situation. Trish Smillie, superintendent of School District 8, confirmed Louie’s leave but refrained from further comments.

As a member of the Lower Kootenay Band (LKB), Louie has been integral to Creston’s aboriginal education initiatives, receiving recognition for raising the LKB flag and successfully advocating for the renaming of Prince Charles Secondary School to Kootenay River in 2021.

This distressing incident comes at a time when discussions surrounding the BC SOGI program and grooming protests have intensified, adding to the community’s concerns. Louie’s earlier initiation of a canoe counselling program, meant for meaningful discussions with students, now takes on a different context in light of these allegations. The community awaits further developments as the legal proceedings unfold, navigating a complex intersection of educational initiatives, social issues, and legal challenges.