We know that Universities and Media Companies across Canada received hundreds of billions of tax dollars in the form of hidden grants to promote and advertise the BIG LIE. Let’s look at just one of the recipients Timothy Caulfield from the University of Alberta. It is now well documented that Timothy Caulfield was contrived and used as a paid public deception expert with your tax dollars to not only mislead the public and then attack anyone that challenged his opinions.

In 2013, Timothy became an Alumni Member of Trudeau Foundation and was gifted $225,000. According to Timothy’s own CV. he was also paid an additional $170,000 between 2013 and 2017 from the Trudeau Foundation.

Timothy used his position of trust and influence at the University of Alberta, to benefit off the BIG LIE. First off, Timothy is a paid salary employee earning over $250,000 per year and as a faculty member, plus his expenses have reached over $50,000. In 2020, Timothy received over $381,000 from the Government of Canada in the form of a Grant. A few months later in April of 2021, Timothy received more grant funding in the amount of $1.75 million, dedicated to a social media project aimed at stifling any opposing data or analysis. This project was viewed by many as a conflict of interest, because it was started in partnership with a sitting Senator Stan Kutcher, who was appointed by Justin Trudeau.

Further investigations show, The Stem Cell Network which is also a Canadian tax payer funded organization that will receive $45 million, will be giving another $700,000 to Timothy Caulfield, and his faculty associate Ubaka Ogbogu.

Even more disturbing is Timothy Caulfield’s greed didn’t stop there, over the years he received millions of dollars in additional grant payouts, and other consulting fees. Dictating medical laws and unethical policies that are being coerced upon students and the public, for the sake of making money, and forcing control over people against their free will, is not only unethical, but this behavior is unlawful, especially when Timothy is not even a Doctor or a Scientist. Timothy works at the Law Institute for Health, he does not have any formal training in Medicine and is not a doctor. he also believes that vitamins and supplements don’t work, and is a conspiracy for greedy people to make money.

One also has to be concerned about his involvement and compensation he received with his speaking engagements for Speaker Spotlight, which are all clearly motivated by Timothy’s thirst for money and public notoriety. It has become apparent, that Timothy lusts for public attention and camera time, on any news networks to raise his profile, or talk about one of his books is his key interest.

Perhaps Timothy can spend some of his time to actually debate professionals that want engaging conversations, based on facts to better understand science and medicine instead of marketing and advertising for pharmaceutical companies, or embarking on his quest to become a Twitter Celebrity.

Timothy lacks the courage to engage with high-level professors, Viral Immunologists, Epidemiologists or Medical Doctors on actual points of scientific merit in the public forum. Timothy and the Media Cartels are corroborating to smear anyone and label them as antivaxxers, or the hardcore fringe spreading misinformation in an attempt to discredit them. This not only an anti-ethical to the scientific method, but it’s the epitome of cheap politics and it’s reprehensible. It’s very inappropriate and not in the public interest to use a six-figure income salary and millions of dollars in tax payer funding, to attack any scientists that disagree with Timothy Caufield’s opinion, and that of any concerned citizens that are only seeking the truth.

Even today, Timothy is continuing to travel down the dark path of public deception to cover up his dishonest behavior in a desperate attempt to save his tattered reputation and self-worth by attacking others online. Timothy Caulfield’s fear of being exposed would explain why he’s evading the Professor and Viral Immunologist Dr. Byram Bridal in answering the tough questions regarding Timothy’s scientific claims, which avoids democratic discourse and his inevitable public humiliation.