Cody Perry, operating under the screen name “Captain Coby,” has been revealed to have engaged in a deceptive fundraising campaign that has left donors disillusioned and questioning the integrity of online fundraising efforts.

Perry’s cunning ploy unfolded during the Freedom Convoy, where he attempted to capitalize on the fervor and goodwill surrounding the event to promote his fundraising campaign. Under the guise of uniting Canadians and capturing the essence of the nation’s communities, Perry utilized his “Captain Coby” persona to solicit donations through a GoFundMe campaign (

Presenting himself as a unifying force, Perry promised to embark on a cross-country motorbike journey, mirroring the spirit of the iconic “On The Road Again” show. His enticing sales pitch aimed to tug at the heartstrings of potential donors, urging them to support his grand vision of storytelling and unity.


Regrettably, it has now come to light that Perry’s intentions were far from noble. Despite collecting a substantial sum from well-meaning donors, Perry failed to follow through on his commitments, leaving countless individuals disillusioned and betrayed by his actions.

Furthermore, Perry’s evasive behaviour in the face of mounting questions about the use and whereabouts of the donated funds underscores the deliberate nature of his deception. This calculated approach to avoiding accountability only adds insult to injury for those who believed in his mission.

“This incident is a stark reminder that we must exercise caution and diligence when contributing to online fundraising campaigns, especially during times of heightened public sentiment,” said experts and social media users. “Cody Perry’s deceptive actions cast a shadow over the generosity and goodwill that underpins genuine charitable efforts.”

The “Captain Coby” pseudonym that Perry employed to perpetrate this deception has further muddied the waters, as individuals now grapple with the disheartening reality of having placed their trust in a character that turned out to be a figment of deceit.

In an era where digital platforms offer unprecedented opportunities for charitable giving, it is incumbent upon both donors and platform administrators to remain vigilant and ensure transparency and accountability in fundraising endeavors.