It has now become more clear that Evan Solomon and Gerald Butts have been working together behind the scenes,  to deceive the Canadian public for their own selfish gain,  through hidden government grants and contracts.  The already disgraced and scandal-filled Gerald Butts and Evan Solomon are now working for a company called Eurasia group,  with John Baird,  who worked for former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and also managed Pierre Polievre’s leadership campaign for the Conservative Party of Canada.  According to Eurasia Groups own website. Gerald Butts also works closely with eco-warrior and climate change activist Diane Fox Carney,  who is the moderator and expert speaker at high profile Eurasia Groups Events.  It should be noted,  that Diane Carney is also the wife of Former Bank of England Boss Mark Carney,  who is now the United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance.

Since 2017, The US based foreign media company Eurasia group,  has been receiving millions of dollars in grants, including hundreds of thousands of funding dollars coming from Canadian taxpayers.  Eurasia group isn’t even a company based in Canada. Eurasia group is even collecting money from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  in the amount of 235,000 dollars,  the Rockefeller Foundation in the amount of 361,000 dollars,  the Carnegie corporation in the amount of 299,000 dollars.  Gerald Butts and Evan Solomon don’t even appear to reside in the country,  yet your Canadian tax dollars are being squandered to a foreign media company,  pushing political agendas that have no business in Canada.