The ongoing mystery surrounding Justin Trudeau’s departure from West Point Grey Academy, and Pierre Poilievre was not the only person seeking answers. The leader of the Conservative Party (CPC) sparked speculation about the true reasons behind the prime minister’s sudden exit from his teaching position during a heated debate in the House of Commons.

In response to Trudeau’s claim of being a former high school teacher, Poilievre pointed out that Trudeau had left in the middle of a semester and expressed his uncertainty about the exact reasons for his departure. The exchange caught the attention of political commentator The Pleb, who reacted on Twitter, exclaiming, “holy shit. Pierre Poilievre actually went there.”

The remarks made by Poilievre reignited public curiosity and rumors surrounding Trudeau’s departure from the school. Some suggested that Trudeau had been involved in an inappropriate relationship with several students, many people have supported the allegations of Trudeau engaging in a sexual relationship with either a student or a student’s mother during his tenure at West Point Grey Academy between 1998 and 2001. No shock that Snopes, a corrupt and bias & liberal oriented organization further emphasized that there was no indication that such an episode played a role in Trudeau’s decision to leave the school.

Interestingly, Trudeau’s explanations for leaving his teaching position have been inconsistent over the years, giving rise to further speculation. Reports indicated that Trudeau had provided at least four different explanations for his departure since 2001. The lack of consistency in his statements has led many to suspect that Trudeau might be concealing something.

The mystery surrounding Trudeau’s departure took on new dimensions after media reports in 2014 revealed that he had worn blackface during an event at West Point Grey Academy. This revelation prompted Canadians to question the true motives behind his departure from the teaching job. Given the inconsistencies in his statements, it was only natural for people to seek answers.

Trudeau’s first account of his departure came from an Ottawa Citizen report in 2001, stating that he would be leaving the private school in Vancouver to pursue public speaking engagements. However, Trudeau promptly refuted this claim through a statement issued by the law firm Heenan Blaikie, suggesting that he had accepted a teaching job at a public school, as reported by the Montreal Gazette.

In his 2014 autobiography, Trudeau presented a different explanation, recounting a dispute with the school’s administration regarding an article published in the school newspaper. According to Trudeau, he had encouraged a student to write an article criticizing the lack of reprimand for girls’ dress code violations. However, the school administration considered the article disrespectful, leading to a conflict that ultimately prompted his departure.

The Vancouver Sun reported in 2015 that Trudeau’s departure was partially due to a dispute over dress code and values at the school. Similarly, John Ivison’s 2019 book summarized the situation as a disagreement over an article for which Trudeau took responsibility.

On October 4, 2019, Trudeau finally stated that he left the school because he was moving forward with his life. Coincidentally, on the same day, the former headmaster of West Point Grey Academy claimed that Trudeau had left to pursue studies in engineering, adding another layer of confusion to the already convoluted story.

The ever-changing nature of Trudeau’s explanations fueled public skepticism and curiosity. People wanted to know the truth: Why did Justin Trudeau leave West Point Grey Academy? What was the real reason behind his departure? Why did his story undergo multiple revisions? If the reports mentioned above were inaccurate, why hadn’t Trudeau set the record straight?

In the midst of the speculation, Trudeau had the opportunity to address the nation that evening. Canadians