We know that Universities across Canada received hundreds of millions of tax dollars in the form of hidden grants. Let's look at just one of the recipients David Fisman. It is now well documented that David Fisman was contrived and used as a paid public deception expert.

David used his position of trust and influence at the University of Toronto to cash in personally on the BIG LIE. First off, as a paid employee and faculty member at the University he was awarded over $330,000 from the Government of Canada in the form of a Grant. According to David's own Declaration of Interest that he filed reveals he was also paid for advisory board meetings at, Pfizer Vaccines, Astra Zeneca and other pharmaceutical companies like Sanofi Pasteur. Even more disturbing is David's involvement with the marketing agency called Klick Health that self-proclaims it started out as internet hackers and are now a major advertising think tank for the pharmaceutical industry with connections to the Clintons and Obamas though Klick Health’s affiliate company called Klick Ideas. Fisman's greed didn't stop there, he received additional payouts from the Ontario Nurses Association, The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and The Canadian Association of Alternative Securities and Assets. Further investigations are ongoing but reveal David was also cashing in on consulting fees paid to him from JP Morgan Chase, Farallon Capital, and even the Canada Pension Fund.

One also has to be concerned about his involvement and compensation he received with the WE Foundation especially after the WE Scandal and then his paid speaking engagements at RealPac Investment Trust which are all clearly motivated by David's thirst for money and public notoriety.

Even today, David is continuing to travel down the dark path of public deception to cover up his dishonest behavior in a desperate attempt to safe his tattered reputation and self-worth. David's track record would explain why he’s disabled his comments on his social media accounts to evade answering the tough questions regarding his connections or involvement with all these companies and to avoid democratic discourse and public humiliation.