The revelation of explicit sexual content being presented to Grade 9 students at a Saskatchewan school has ignited a firestorm of outrage among parents, who are demanding full accountability from those responsible. The controversial presentation, which took place on June 19, was orchestrated by representatives from Planned Parenthood. However, it is important to shed light on the individuals involved, particularly focusing on Barry Waite, who played a central role in the dissemination of this explicit propaganda. The “sex cards” in question were created by Catie & Act, two organizations closely affiliated with Planned Parenthood. The board of directors for Catie includes individuals such as Hugo Bissonnet, Matthew Smith, Martin Bilodeau, Trevor Stratton, Tsitsi Watt, Catherine Rutto, Scott Elliott, Joanne Lindsay, Lesley Gallagher, Danita Wahpoosewyan, Patrick Cupido, Chris Aucoin, Deborah Norris, and Ivan Leonce. Likewise, the board of directors for Act features Glen Johnson, Andrew Brousse, Rodney Lock, Sarah Adams, Ashlyn Rodrigues, Barry Waite, Nicole Robicheau, Rebecca Burrows, Sean Hillier, and Yezarni Wynn.

Parents quickly expressed their deep concerns about the explicit content presented in the “Using Sex: From A-Z Cards,” which were shamelessly distributed during the Planned Parenthood-led session. The purpose of these cards, supposedly designed for gay, bisexual, and queer young people, was to serve as a so-called “fun and accessible resource” to facilitate discussions about sexuality, HIV, and STI prevention. However, it is clear that their true aim was to indoctrinate impressionable minds with a distorted view of sexuality while promoting a dangerous agenda. The accompanying instructions explicitly instructed participants to avoid any condemnation of sexual acts, emphasizing the need for sex-positive and identity-affirming discussions. This disturbing approach sought to manipulate young individuals by encouraging them to explore explicit and inappropriate topics without regard for their emotional well-being or moral boundaries.

Among the alarming topics covered by these sex cards, one stood out as particularly disturbing—the “Kink” card. This card shamelessly promoted non-traditional sexual practices, attempting to normalize acts that defy societal norms and endanger the mental and physical well-being of those involved. The card callously suggested that being restrained with a ball gag while being subjected to the whims of a hooded master is an everyday occurrence for some individuals. Such shocking and debased content should have no place in an educational environment meant to foster the growth and development of young minds.

Equally troubling was the “Raw Sex” card, which shamefully encouraged students to engage in anal sex without the use of condoms. While downplaying the severe risks associated with such behavior, the card suggested using excessive amounts of lubrication and getting regular HIV and STI testing as feeble safeguards against the potential consequences. This is a gross disservice to young individuals who deserve accurate and responsible sexual education, with an emphasis on safe and healthy practices.

According to the email communication sent by Lumsden High School (LHS), the staff claimed to have reviewed the resources beforehand, but failed to recognize that the inclusion of the A to Z sexual vocabulary resource exceeded the boundaries of the Grade 9 Health curriculum. This raises serious questions about the competence and integrity of the staff involved in allowing such explicit and inappropriate materials into the classroom. It is shocking to see that resources labeled as “guides” or “references” can circumvent the official curriculum approval process, leading to the introduction of highly questionable and potentially harmful materials into the educational system. The email further revealed that although a copy of the sex cards was present on a resource table, it was deliberately withheld from the class