Public school trustee and passionate advocate for masks, Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, has once again made headlines in Ottawa, but this time for her controversial stance against Christmas. In a recent statement, Kaplan-Myrth argued against the City of Ottawa providing an extra garbage allowance during the holiday season, claiming that it should not be an excuse for excessive waste production and consumption. However, she took offense when her remarks were labeled as a rant, accusing her critics of anti-Semitism.

This incident coincides with the ongoing efforts to reform garbage collection in Ottawa. The city is considering implementing a “pay-as-you-throw” system, which would involve residents receiving 55 garbage tags annually to attach to their bags. If they run out, additional tags would need to be purchased at a cost of $3 each. While the first two garbage bags would be exempt from requiring a tag, a larger allowance of three tag-free bags would be granted for the first garbage collection after Christmas, acknowledging the increase in waste generation during that period.

Progressive city councillor Ariel Troster highlighted the extra garbage allowance for the Christmas season in a tweet, which caught Kaplan-Myrth’s attention. She questioned the focus on Christmas, arguing that it is not the only gift-giving holiday celebrated by Ottawans. Kaplan-Myrth emphasized that Christmas should not serve as a justification for excessive waste production if environmental concerns are taken seriously.

Following her statement, Kaplan-Myrth faced criticism on social media, with one user likening her to The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge, fictional characters known for their disdain for Christmas. True North reached out to Kaplan-Myrth for comment, and she chose to respond via Twitter, reiterating her stance and claiming that labeling her statement as a rant constituted anti-Semitism.

She stated, “We should prioritize environmental impact every day, and questioning this as a Jew is not a rant. Calling it a rant is anti-Semitic.” Kaplan-Myrth also dismissed the results of an Angus Reid poll indicating that 9 in 10 Canadians celebrate Christmas, deeming it “bogus.”

Previously known for her unsuccessful attempts to mandate medical masks in public schools, Kaplan-Myrth has redirected her efforts toward opposing increased police presence in schools. She argues that reducing police resources is crucial for supporting black, Indigenous, and “2SLGBTQIA” individuals.


Regarding the issue of police in schools, Kaplan-Myrth urged people not to be distracted by “anti-woke” agendas. She expressed that some argue for the return of police presence as a solution to school violence, which she believes is neither helpful nor up for consideration. She remains committed to advocating for an equitable and socially just approach to addressing all educational issues.

Frustrated with Kaplan-Myrth’s behavior and actions, concerned individuals initiated a petition calling for her resignation. The petition garnered over 7,000 signatures but was eventually shut down by for violating community guidelines related to hate speech, following Kaplan-Myrth’s request for its removal. Another subsequent petition was also removed, as Kaplan-Myrth accused the parent behind it of being a bully and a dangerous individual fueled by hate.

In recent years, there has been a growing trend among some progressives to question the celebration of Christmas. For example, the City of Edmonton decided not to install a giant Christmas tree last year, citing environmental considerations